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Milestones of Palpap Ichinichi Software

  • Entering into the worldwide information service in the year 1997, PALPAP reached this position after identifying, analyzing and fulfilling the needs of our customers through an uncompromising commitment to quality, continuous refinement of work processes, strategic alliances with technology leaders, and enduring relationships with our clients and business associates. 
  •  In 1997 started a software company on 9th April in Chennai. Ventured with Best System Inc, Japan AGE Games Inc, and USA. Started Product Research Division for Education Domain.
  •  In 1998 Started training division - Palpap Institute of Technology (PIT). Ventured with Low Associates Inc. USA, Language Management International, Singapore. 
  •  In 1999 globally established an exclusive R&D center for the identification and growth of new technology. Started the Portal Development and IT consulting Services Division Ventured with Blue Sea Systems, Japan BANG ZOOM SOFTWARE INC, USA. 
  •  In 2000 Started the Product Development Division Ventured with BSW Software Inc. Japan N. T. Technologies Inc. USA Reliance InfoTech Ltd. UK, Tie-up with 6 leading colleges in India for class room based training. 
  •  In 2001 Established a development center at Tokyo. We introduced Techno Trainer, a software project that serves as s digital professor in classrooms. Ventured with ISB Inc, Japan Daiei Information Systems Ltd, Japan Tohuku Computers, Japan, Consulting Company, USA and Splash Technologies, Singapore. 
  •  In 2002 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced Human Resource Module and Bio-Metric Access Control System. 
  •  In 2003 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced Library Management with Online OPAC. 
  •  In 2004 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced Inventory, Purchase and Stock Control System. 
  •  In 2005 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced Interlinked Finance with other Modules and Hostel Management System. 
  •  In 2006 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced Transport, Information KIOSK and SMS Alerts. 
  •  In 2007 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced Web Based Academic System. 
  •  In 2008 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced BlockBox Controlled Centralized Self Intelligent Alerts. 
  •  In 2009 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced Face Recognition Access Control System. 
  •  In 2010 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced Performance Appraisal System by Charts and Graphs. 
  •  In 2011 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced Controller of Examination System. 
  •  In 2012 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced Smart Card Access Control System. 

  •  In 2013 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced IVRS System for Parents Aerometric Alerts in Multiple Languages. 
  •  In 2014 introduced INSPRO PLUS - Introduced GPS and Mobile Apps for Students, Parents, Teachers and Management. 
  • In 2015 Started INSPRO PLUS - Students Online Application Apply, Short List, Counseling, Selection and Admission System and Digital Library Management System. 
  • In 2016 Started INSPRO PLUS -Enhanced with Mobile app,i-Run,i-Batch,Info Kiosk,GPS support strategies,Online payment methods.
  •  In 2017  -Introduction of CRM,Call centre and Online live group. 
  • In 2018 - Stepped with Artificial Intelligence(AI)  with smart integration.
  •  In 2019 - Started with Cloud Based Management system.They include smart spaces, access control applications, mobile application, and ambient intelligence environments, among others. 

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