Palpap ERP offers RFID Technology. The data is transferred from RFID tag to RFID reader through radio frequency waves. It does not need any physical contact between the reader and the tag. We offer Smart automatic attendance using RFID chip is one of possible and most common use of RFID for Schools and college. An RFID chip could be embedded in a student’s ID card, school bag or uniform and can be tracked.

• Library system: Palpap RFID tracking system has replaced the bar code system used previously in school libraries. The main advantage that an RFID tracker has over a bar code reader is, there is no need to scan each and every book; it can read multiple numbers of books with a single scan. RFID passive tags do not have any expiry.
• School Entry gate: By installing the RFID system at the school gate, it will become easier to take the attendance of all the students who have entered the school. By doing this you can easily track students who are present in the school premises along with the student who went out of the school.
• Restricted Areas: The entry in restricted areas can be easily authenticated by installing Palpap RFID tracking system at the entrance.
• Classrooms: RFID school attendance system in the classroom, the school and college management can easily keep track of student attending the classes, which can further help in keeping an accurate attendance record. The number of students who entered the classroom can be easily calculated; no need of marking the student attendance manually.
• School buses: Using Palpap RFID tracking system in school buses it becomes easier to track where and when the students boarded and de boarded the bus. As soon as the students board/de board the bus, parents will get notifications, which ensures peace of mind.