. Palpap ERP systems are mechanized in a convenient manner to quickly record student check-in and check-out time. Biometric technology uses human physiological unique characteristics to ensure accuracy, prevent errors, and proxy attendance.

Proxy attendance and mistakes which are common problems faced in using traditional attendance marking methods are avoided through centralized and accurate monitoring of student attendance

These systems are automated and provides an appropriate way to check-in and check-out into the system by simply scanning fingerprints and do not require any technical knowledge to use the system.

Biometric student attendance management systems by Palpap ERP, records attendance in a very few seconds. Avoids the need to maintain books and marking attendance manually and hence saves a lot of time of teachers in writing entries and rectifying attendance data errors faced in traditional methods.

Biometric systems not only eliminate mistakes related to tracking attendance data but also speed up data authentication which reduces administration time and creates efficiencies